Are you ready for an adventure? Can you defeat the Alchemical Hydra?

At indova we strive for a pure oldschool experience, while Indova is a private server we challenge our players by providing customisable playing experiences.

Tom, Developer and owner @ Indova

The latest updates from Indova

April 20, 2019 06:36

Dominion Zone Changes - Iron Man Drop Trading - Dominics Coffer

Hello everyone,   Today's patch is adding some much requested changes to Dominion Zone   There is now a rewards interface when claiming the items from Dominio

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April 13, 2019 12:50

Bond Promotion - Bug fixes

Hey guys,   Just a quick patch to mainly fix some of the bugs that players have been facing in the Dominion tower. Today is also the first anniversary since Indova has

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April 11, 2019 00:30

Dominion Zone - QoL - Bug Fixes

Hello everyone,   A new minigame has been released "Dominion Zone". You can find a teleport to it in the Minigame teleport panel.    Important: Make sure your c

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