• De-Ironing - Achievement Armours - Vial Crushing
  • 2018-08-18

Hello everyone,


Been away for the past two days, but I'm here now and my goal for this patch was to implement the achievement armour that has been on hold since the release of achievements. Thinking of perks to replace those of the OSRS versions is tough, so I will be releasing the ones

  • XP Converter Plugin - QoL - Bug Fixes
  • 2018-08-14

Hello everyone,


Trying out a new format for patch notes to help the organization of these in the future



  • Added an XP Converter plugin that will help you calculate what your new levels/xp would be if you change your XP rate. This plugin is disabled by default and
  • Revenant Weapons - RuneLite Updates - QoL
  • 2018-08-12

Hello everyone,


Tonight's patch consists of adding the new Revenant weapons, fixing & adding some RuneLite plugins and a couple of QoL changes:


Client update


  • There is now a "Latest Updates" plugin that will show the latest updates on the right-side panel that y

  • RuneLite - Client Upgrade
  • 2018-08-10

Hello everyone,


RuneLite support has finally been finished along with the client revision upgrade we've been needing for things such as Theatre of Blood doors/entrances! Keep in mind, these are some major changes so bare with us if something is wrong and be sure to report any issues.

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